Recycling is a process

which not only prevents waste of resources, but also reduces the consumption of raw materials that go into production.

It also reduces the amount of energy consumed in the extraction of raw materials for new products and reduces the amount of waste landfilled, contributing, for example, to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In our modern world as we know it, plastics in general have become an unfortunately unavoidable material. They have versatile uses for us and are very durable, but it is this very durability that makes the subsequent disposal of plastics difficult.

That is why at our company we use damaged or incorrectly manufactured automotive fuel tanks, which would otherwise end up being thrown away and would represent an unnecessary and additional burden on the environment.

BOLEplast PE chráničky

BOLE plast s.r.o.

Regranulate from old containers

which we drill ourselves, we use in our own production, which is primarily the production of polyethylene protectors. In the future, we also plan to distribute this regranulate to other companies.

Our philosophy is

that even from the waste represented by damaged and incorrectly manufactured automotive fuel tanks, we can produce a product that can be used in other industries.

Green company

Thinking about the future

Reducing emissions