HDPE Cable Chambers


BOLE plast s.r.o. brings to the market a unique modular system of cable chambers, usable in construction, energy, telecommunications, water management, etc.

The segmented modular system offers the widest selection of cable chamber dimensions on our market.

Our portfolio includes chambers with load capacities from A-15 to D400 (1.5 tons – 40 tons), depending on the type of chamber and hatch. Our earth chambers are the most suitable alternative to concrete cable chambers and other plastic chambers.

The indisputable advantages of plastic chambers include the cost savings of transporting and placing the chambers in excavations, without the need for a crane or other mechanization.

káblová komora ecolite

ECOLITE cable chamber

Chambers consist of basic segments

The chambers consist of basic 150 mm segments to the required depth.

In the case of 150 x150 mm, 380 x 230 mm and 430 x 280 mm segments, the chamber can be increased by multiples of 25 mm and 50 mm.

Komory sa skladajú zo základných<br />
150 mm segmentov do požadovanej<br />
hĺbky. V prípade segmentov<br />
150 x150 mm, 380 x 230 mm<br />
a 430 x 280 mm, je možné<br />
komoru ešte navýšiť násobkami<br />
25 mm a 50 mm.

Table of dimensions of ECO lite chambers:

Installation instructions for ECO lite cable chamber:

Návod na montáž ecolite káblovej komory - Boleplast


The body of the chamber is watertight and together with the watertight type of hatch, the watertightness of the access point for the cable ducts is ensured.

To make a watertight connection with the cable protectors, a rubber gasket suitable for the diameter of the protector must be used.

The height of the chamber can be extended using a telescopic extension in combination with a sealing sleeve to seal the passage into the chamber.

When using a hatch with load class D400, it is necessary to further use a concrete spreader wick.

vodotesná káblová komora Boleplast




Plastic (walk-in) A – 15
Concrete (A15, B125, C250, D400)
Cast iron (A15, B125, C250, D400)

Vodotesné káblové komory

We offer 2 types of chambers

Ecolite cable chambers
consist of 15 cm extensions, where the customer can assemble the chambers according to the need of different sizes and heights.

Waterproof cable chambers
are made with a single cast piece also of different sizes.

komory boleplast

waterproof cable chambers

komory boleplast

Ecolite chamber

kábelovod boleplast

Ecolite chamber

BOLE plast s.r.o.

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