HDPE protectors for electricity

Basic properties of HDPE protector

  • Material: high density polyethylene black HDPE
    Protector length: 4 or 6 metres as standard
    Design: without neck (BH) or with neck (SH)
    Dimensions: from 50 to 160 mm
    Colour: black
    Joining: mechanical couplings, throat joining, sleeve joining, butt welding

Dimensions and packaging of PE protectors

NameBarNumber of pieces per palletTechnical data sheet (.pdf)
HDPE 50x4 mm4m/6m150 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 75X4 mm4m/6m60 ks pcsShow pdf
HDPE 75x6 mm4m/6m60 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 92x4 mm4m/6m50 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 92x6,3 mm4m/6m50 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 92x7 mm4m/6m50 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 110x4 mm4m/6m40 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 110x6,5 mm4m/6m40 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 110x10 mm4m/6m40 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 125x7,5 mm4m/6m35 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 125x9 mm4m/6m35 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 125x11,4 mm4m/6m35 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 160x6,3 mm4m/6m20 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 160x9,5 mm 4m/6m20 pcsShow pdf
HDPE 160x14,5 mm4m/6m20 pcsShow pdf

Methods of joining protectors

The pipes can be connected in one of the following ways: by joining using the sockets made on the pipes marked “SH” (with socket) or in the “BH” (without sockets) version of the protectors by mechanical couplings or sleeves (couplings or double sockets), which can also be equipped with gaskets to prevent the ingress of dust and water into the wiring protectors.

1. Mechanical couplings
Mechanical couplings are designed for joining all types of polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, MDPE). For PEHD wiring protectors, plastic mechanical couplers are used. They are characterized by high durability and the joint remains tensile even when moving, as the couplings are equipped with compression notch rings. The mechanical fittings are fitted with sealing rings so that the joints of the protectors are dust-tight and watertight.

2. Joining with throats
For the pipe type with a neck on one side “SH”, the pipes are connected by a system of inserting the pipe without neck into the pipe with neck. The pipes can be slid out again at the joint, they do not resist axial loads.

3. Joining with clamps
Pipes without sockets can also be connected with sleeves. Socket types with fitted gaskets ensure the dust-tightness and water-tightness of the wiring protectors. This type of connection does not resist axial loads.

4. Butt welding
is a type of welding using a heating element. It is the heating of two straight pipe surfaces against a heating element. After a precise welding time has elapsed, the heating element (welding mirror) is removed. The two pipe ends are pressed together and cooled under a certain pressure to achieve the desired joint.


Transport and storage

No throwing or sliding on sharp objects,
protectors must be secured against shifting during transport, stacked in a maximum of 3 pieces so that the pallets lie on top of each other.

The guards can be stored in the open air regardless of the outside temperature. They can be exposed to normal weather conditions. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are not exposed to UV light for long periods and the storage period should not exceed 2 years.

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