Production process

– HOW IT IS made –

Production process in steps


Imports and storage

Polyethylene tanks from cars are regularly delivered to our suppliers. The company is a plastics and plastic waste merchant.


Removal of unwanted parts

Parts that are not suitable for processing are removed from the tanks. These are, for example, metals and plastics of a different chemical composition. The parts are drilled on vertical machine drills.



The next step in the production process is to crush the plastic tanks and adjust the grit to the required size and quality. Preparation and packaging of the recyclate for the actual production of PE protectors.


Production of HDPE protectors

The production of PE protectors is commissioned on the basis of customer requirements. We produce industrial PE pipes in dimensions from 50 to 160 mm and with wall thickness from 4 to 20 mm. We can also produce the protectors with a label or colour strip on the PE protector according to the customer’s requirements.



At the customer’s request, we can create end throats on the PE protector for better and easier joining of individual protectors.


Taking away of products

Manufactured PE protectors in pallets are ready to be taken to the customer.

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