BOLE plast s.r.o.

We are a recycling and manufacturing and trading company that puts ecology and the future of the planet first and foremost. We feel that nowadays the planet needs to be helped as much as possible in every sector of industry and production. This is what we strive for in our company. While we are dedicated to making something new, we stick to the motto

“from waste to product”

Which is kind of our primary philosophy. This is because our work is to return damaged or improperly manufactured automotive fuel tanks that would otherwise end up discarded and a burden to the environment.

The other part of the recyclate is used in our own production, which is primarily for the production of polyethylene pads.

New production line

To achieve more efficient production, we have therefore expanded our production with a new line, which is better than the old one in several areas.

The new line differs from the old one in both speed and accuracy of calibration. The production speed is up to 4 times faster, we can produce up to 2000 pcs per day.

The number of course depends on the diameter and thickness of the wall. The production has been modernized, we can also produce throats on the protectors to extend the end, colour marking with a stripe and description on the protector according to the requirements of the customer.


Higher production speed


Calibration accuracy


Extension of ends - throats


Option to specify the dimensions of the protectors

Production has been automated

so the staff won’t make as much either. The old line had to be manually fed with recyclate. With the new line, the recyclate is stretched by the line itself without the need for people.

As required, the new line can also label the protector, describe the type and basic data of the protector. If the customer requires a specification, the protectors can also be distinguished by a coloured stripe.

Higher speed – accuracy of calibration – possibility of manufacturing throats – extension of ends – no use of manpower – possibility of specification of protectors.

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comparison of old and new production line