HDPE cable conduits

PE protectors are used in the construction of cable ducts.
The system is prepared by easy installation of 110, 125 and 160 mm diameter cable protectors.

The PE protectors are inserted into spacers.
Our cable ducts are compatible with all types of cable chambers and are waterproof.

On request, we can ensure the watertightness of the cable duct.

Kábelovod Volkswagen Boleplast (10)

cable duct with drainage into a watertight cable chamber

Standard conduit design

KVPE 110/ 4-W110 mmm
KVPE 110/6-W110 mmm
KVPE110/9-W110 mmm
KVPE 110/12-W110 mmm
KVPE 125/4-W125 mmm
KVPE 125/6-W125 mmm
KVPE 125/9-W125 mmm
KVPE 125/12-W125 mmm
KVPE 160/4-W160 mmm
KVPE 160/6-W160 mmm
KVPE 160/9-W160 mmm
KVPE 160/12-W160 mmm
Dištančný držiak 110110 mmpcs
Dištančný držiak 125125 mmpcs
Dištančný držiak 160160 mmpcs

Technical procedure

Our cable ducts are connected with throats or with couplings and inserted into spacers in the number of protectors 4,6,9,12.

The cable duct prepared in this way is laid on a pre-prepared bed. After the cable route has been laid, fine gravel, sand or sieved soil is used for backfilling.

The cable duct also includes plastic cable chambers into which the cable duct is thickened. The cable chambers are of different sizes, according to the size of the cable duct and also the load capacity A15, B125, C250, D400, F900.

kábelovod boleplast
kábelovod boleplast

Benefits of cable conduits

  • laying multiple cables side by side
    protective function of cables against mechanical damage, soil and other external influences
  • with solid concrete protection it is possible to lay the cables as low as 30 cm below the road
  • no need to remove excavated soil
  • Reduction of repair and reconstruction costs
  • easy replacement of cables in the event of a fault
  • fast installation

Take advantage of the cable ducts:

  • roads, motorways, tunnels and airports
  • Railways
  • telecommunications
  • energy
  • various construction projects

KVPE 110 / 12 W

Detachable spacer

delitelný dištančný držiak boleplast

Variability of protector arrangement with spacer bracket

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